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Discover the newest ways to organize your business, generate new prospects, better communicate with your existing customers, and greatly enhance your company's image.

CNN, NBC, CBS - Fortune, Money, USA Today and virtually every major television network and publication on the planet is focused on the explosive growth of computers, computer software, the internet, and the technology and information that they provide. 

Dear Friend and Fellow Auto Dealer,

Things today are moving at a faster than ever, pace. The entire automobile marketplace has changed. 

If you want to stay ahead of the curve, and lead your business into the future you must identify, understand, and exploit the newest ways to promote your automobile and truck business. 

If you're like most of my clients, and you are serious about preparing a good sound business plan for the years to come then it has most certainly crossed your mind that you need specifically designed software for your auto business.

I'll bet you've said it to yourself a dozen times. If you have, then you owe it to yourself to keep reading.

Here it is! We have put everything together in a new and exciting software package entitled "Auto Inventory." 

It contains everything you need to professionally manage, and  operate an automobile inventory, no matter the number of vehicles you sell.

Auto Inventory is a fantastic way to organize your business, generate new prospects, better communicate with your existing customers, and greatly enhance your company's image. 

"Auto Inventory" was designed for the specific use of non-franchised automobile and truck dealers both, wholesale and retail, to professionally and accurately track and manage their vehicle inventories and all their related expenses. Including sales, sales commissions, floor fees, packs, gross profits, split profits, and any other expenses related to your inventory. Here are a few highlights of this amazing new and specifically designed software:

Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7 compatible.

A Big Time Business Organizer

Prints "Window Stickers". 

Prints "Buyers Guides".

Prints Professional "Purchase Agreements and Quote Sheets" for you and your customers.

Prints Vehicle Inventory Tax (VIT) Report (TX Dealers)

Unlimited Vehicle Record Input

A built in "VIN Checker"  for accurate 17 digit VIN Numbers

NO monthly fees

Tracks and Manages your vehicle inventory, and their related expenses, both past and present.

Tracks Original costs, Current Costs, and Sold Amounts and calculates your Net Profits

A  "Memo" field for each vehicle record

An Easy To Use Key Word or Number "Search"

Current and Accurate Inventory Reports

Individual Vehicle "Recap Sheets"

Prints numerous Report Types

Includes a Financial (Payment) Calculator With Full Rollback Features

Has a Full in Program "Back-Up" Utility

Complete and Easy to Use Help Files

Free Technical Support

Fully Printable Address Book both Commercial and Individuals

Tracks Days and Average Days in Inventory 


Five Stars    

"Auto Inventory" gets a Five Star Rating (the highest you can get) according to ZDNet (NYSE: ZD) a Ziff-Davis (NYSE: ZDZ)  owned company based in San Francisco that operates the leading Web destination ( Winner of the Computer Press Awards' Best Overall Online Site. ZDNet Sites consistently rank among the Top 20 Web properties according to Media Matrix's.  ZDNet's content is available worldwide through 29 sites in 19 countries outside of the United States.


How our program can be an "Extremely Powerful Tool"  24 hours a day seven days a week!

Auto Inventory Window Stickers

With Auto Inventory you print your own "Window Stickers" and your own "Buyers Guide" too. Auto Inventory prints a very colorful and professional window sticker. It will work for you 24 hours a day seven days a week. Your new window stickers are headed with your dealer ship name, address, and your pertinent company information followed by a detailed description of the vehicle and 22 fields for options that you choose from a list or simply fill in the blanks yourself. At the bottom of the page there's a full a line for your company slogan followed by a dealer disclaimer. You will be impressed.

It's like having a color brochure for every vehicle on your lot. It all happens in a matter of seconds, and all from a plain white piece of paper.  It's an easier, faster, more accurate and a more professional way to do business. 

Customer Purchase Agreements

Your customers will not only take notice, but will be very impressed when you hand them a customized, computer generated "Purchase Order" with your company name, complete address, phone #, and who to contact at the top of the page. Included with your customer name (s), address, their pertinent purchase information, insurance information, purchase vehicle information, trade vehicle information, payment information and all the figures, awaiting their signature of acceptance.

A nickel says the guy up the street just handed him a business card with some approximated numbers on the back. I bet he'll feel real good about going to his banker with that.

I'll tell you something else. It's WAY easier than hand writing out purchase orders, it's way more professional, and it cuts down big time, in mistakes. I can certainly remember a few deals I wasn't very proud of because of some un-necessary miss-calculation.

Auto Inventory has full rollback features too!

You know when that guy says "I'll tell you what I'll do partner. I'll give you $10,500 tax, title, license, and everything and not a penny more". You put $10,500 in the amount to finance field, click the calculate button and don't blink or you'll miss it. Poof ! It's there. The tax, title, license, and your new selling price is there. And it squeezes every penny possible toward your new selling price. It calculates payments, interest rates, total of interests, number of months, down payments,  and all frontward and backwards. It calculates accurate monthly, semi-monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly payments from any first payment due date you choose and all, with a couple of clicks of your mouse. 

It's everything you need, it's everything your customer needs, and it's everything your bank needs to finalize your deal. 

Your local banks, credit unions and financial institutions can't help but treat your computer generated and signed Purchase Order with a whole new degree of respect. Every auto dealer knows, selling a vehicle is only half the battle. Getting it financed is more often than not, a whole new ballgame. It is most important that you use every edge available.

Not only did you send your customer out with the feeling that he was dealing with a more professional and more reputable dealer, but you just collected their name, address, phone numbers, their e-mail address (s), their SS#, and anything else you want to collect. Wham! You got it! Anytime you need it, it's there.  A major tool and a major organizer!


Your contacts can last a lifetime!

Of course, more valuable than anything else are the contacts and relationships you'll make.

Auto Inventory will help you build, track, and organize your entire customer base. In my opinion it's way better, and way easier, than a rolodex. All you do is type in the first couple of letters of their name. One for your  business associates and business customers and one for your individual customers. You can collect the name, address and email address and anything else you want to collect on every person that comes to your lot. 

Not only does it save you big money in time, but it can save you big time in aggravation too.

Auto Inventory is a major business organizer. You will be able to go back to any deal, any time you need. You can search and find anything you need in a matter of seconds every time. This alone can pay for the cost of this program many times over. 

Your end-of-the-month reports will now be a piece of cake. You will be able to do your sales people commission statements, your profit statement, your inventory report, your V.I.T. report, your expense report, and any other report you need, and all in a matter of  minutes.    

Auto Inventory will print a multitude of other reports too!

Imagine yourself being able to print just about any report you can think of, in just a matter of seconds. I'm talking about daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annually printed reports. Vehicle "Recap" sheets, "Customer Purchase Orders", "Window Stickers", "Buyers Guides", "Profit Statements", "Commission Statements", "Inventory Reports" with and without dealer cost. "Expense Reports", "Vendor Expense Reports", a monthly "Vehicle Inventory Tax Report" (V.I.T.) and any other report you'll surely ever need.

You'll be able to browse and sort your inventory anyway you want. From the Browse Page you will be able to sort your inventory any way you choose. Example: If you click on the browse header labeled "Make", "Auto Inventory" will alphabetically sort your database by Vehicle Make. This can be done by Year, Make, Model, Price, (current cost or list) Stock #, Purchase Date, Sale Date, Wholesale, Retail, Active, Not Active, and a dozen other ways. You can trust that Auto Inventory is VERY sortable.

Greatly enhance your company's image.

Auto Inventory will enhance and sharpen the image of your business in the eyes of basically every one you do business with. Your customers will feel more confident that they are doing business with a more professional, more trustable dealer.

Auto Inventory will not only improve the image of your business with your existing customers, but your potential customers as well. Your vendors, your fellow auto dealers, your competitors, and even your friends will gain a new respect. Remember appearance is a biggie.

Auto Inventory "Help"

Auto Inventory help files have been designed to answer hopefully any questions you may have about the functions of our program. They are not only extensive, and concise, but very easy to use. A built in  "Key Word" search is at your finger tips at all times. You are always one click away from any topic, or any subject that you may need help with. 

If you don't find the help you need in the Help Files, then call me at 1-325-203-1648. I'll be glad to to help! I always answer my phone. As a matter of fact I hate it, when I miss calls. If I can't help, then we'll get our wizard (Gene) on the phone. If he can't help, then I guess we're beyond help. But that hasn't happen Yet!

Well here it is! I am offering to you the opportunity to not only appear bigger and better and more professional, but to be bigger and better and more professional. .........To Greatly enhance your company's image.


Check Out our sister site and the Newest Auto Dealer Software Program "Window Stickers Pro" at:

With "Window Stickers Pro" you create and print your own customized "Window Stickers" and "Buyers Guides" for all your vehicles, from your own PC, and all from a clean white piece of paper.

and that's not all...... Window Stickers Pro will generate an HTML index page  and HTML Window Stickers for your website too! A first in the business and an excellent tool to help manage your online inventory.


Best Wishes!

Thank You Sincerely,

Shay Scott




Auto Inventory reserves the right to discontinue this special Internet promotion at any time without prior notice.


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